Thursday, November 03, 2005

DRMdependence NOW!

Well, I just wrote to my Congresspeoples. One of the few times I've ever done so. It seems in the wake of Sony's DRM rootkit fiasco covered in Mark's blog here :
Link to Mark's blog at Sysinternals

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) aka the entertainment industry, is trying to once again take your Tivo, VCR, and TV tuner cards away from you as well as killing the video iPod or PMP, among other things.

Link to BoingBoing's article on more Hollywood shenanigans.

Friggin bastards won't stop until the ruin the tech industry for their own gain. Funny thing is, all these laws and regulations do nothing to hurt actual pirates. They'll continue to find workarounds and hacks. I know some people out there listen to the commericials and news from the entertainment industry that say that people are criminals and are stealing their content. Thing is the reason why it's illegal is wholly debatable... these people they're holding up as examples are not criminals! They're victims of an unholy crusade of a dying business model to cling to life.

I love my Tivo and the ability to take control of my TV habits away from the schedule nazis. It's sad that DirecTV is no longer associating themselves with Tivo and the features that they bring. I actually waste less time on TV than ever, makes my life better for sure.

If I have a DVD and want to rip it to my hard drive to view on my iPod, I'd like not to be a "criminal" thankyouverymuch.


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