Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Attack of the whut??

Well, in this time of severe FCC fascism, it seems pretty much impossible for a show to have some fun with itself and truly poke fun. It seems after the firing of the former founder of the G4 network, G4TV is finally getting some decent guests, interesting information and making a good effort at attracting and keeping their audience.

All of those of you that like tech, gadgets, computers, internet, and games... This was supposed to be the cable network for you. Unfortunately, it had so much suck for so long after they "absorbed" (it wasn't a merger really) that I think concoct finally decided to pump some effort and $$ into it. They're airing shows like Call for Help again (the new girl is cute!) and Attack of the Show is finally becoming a bit more hip and fun rather than just posing.

This Tuesday's episode was friggin great... Probably gave people at the FCC and Comcast heart attacks right there. One of the opening segments was "the Lush" where it was pretty much an excuse for the hosts to drink. I recall that for some reason earlier, hosts including former host Kevin Rose weren't allowed to drink on air. WTF? So this ep, Sarah and Kevin are slamming Irish car bombs (Bailey's & Jameson in Guiness, it's actually pretty good) and Sarah shows Kevin a drinking game where you're supposed to not sink the beer glass in a pitcher of beer. Well, Kevin P just sank it on purpose and started chugging from the whole pitcher.

Another segment was this parody by the Bing Bong Brothers. They're mocking "The Whisper Song" by the Ying Yang Twins(?). No, that link is not work safe... it says the word "penis" a whole lot. Heck, the original song isn't work safe either.

Still friggin hilarious. I think I might use the line next time we play, "I dare you to use this horrible pickup line!" Or maybe not, that'd either be an amazing icebreaker that gets a huge laugh or a giant punch in the face.


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