Thursday, November 17, 2005

Slamming Mercedes

Yesterday on German TV news, Mercedes reps were demoing the new Distronic radar cruise control and safety system with three of their brand new award-winning S-class sedans. Popular Science I think gave them an innovation award. They borked them... slammajamma 3 car smackatola.

After the first car stopped the second was supposed to stop short of the first and the third would stop short of the second. Well... the pics tell the story. OMGBSODESP!!! (Translation for the non-l337, "Oh My Gawd, Blue Screen of Death, Electronic Stability Program")

You gotta remember this is new technology. And what people also forget is that you're still driving the car. Even with all these fancypants electronic aids like stability control, ABS, traction control, etcetc YOU are still responsible for driving the car and the laws of physics still apply.

That's why they say put your foot on the brake just in case. I think it gives some people a false sense of security and overconfidence... that leads to bonehead manuevers and accidents.

I think new car technology is great... but definitely some of it is more gadgety than useful. I wonder... is it even worthwhile to impress chicks with? "Hey baby, check out my infrared camera"


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