Monday, November 21, 2005

I smell rubber

This story is talking about how some savvy people managed to "figure" out how to disable the anti-skid safety systems for the new Lexus IS sedan. Basically all new cars are starting to have some sort of anti-skid or stability control system to prevent spins and skids.

Basically, you'll be able to drive the car as a raw car. You, no committee of computers to determine what happens to the car. This is great for enthusiasts who want to participate in amateur motorsports or take car control classes. You'll still be able to spin the car and feel what it's like to be a passenger while sitting in the driver's seat.

As I eluded to before in the Mercedes pileup post, car manufacturers know that today's driver sucks at driving. Most people think they're great drivers due to years of experience etc but nope... sorry to break it to ya but you're nowhere near good. That's called average with experience. With many manufacturers switching back to rear wheel drive cars which are much more prone to spinning, I think it's definitely a CYA move since I doubt that the US will ever have more stringent driver licensing and education as in Europe and Asia.

Also, Lexus isn't the only manufacturer that has hidden methods to fully disable vehicle stability systems. I'm sure all car manufacturers either have disabling it either fully available right off the bat or through a "secret" method. I know at least Mercedes and BMW do.


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