Saturday, February 04, 2006

Dancing with the hawtness

Dancing with the Stars is a freaking amazing show... nevermind that I'm getting back into dancing for the first time since college... don't know why I even stopped to be honest. Oh, and those of you thinking that I should turn in my "man card"... umm, watch the show and tell me that dancing with beautiful fit women is wrong, then hand me all of your cards. I definitely think there's nothing sexier or more attractive than a woman that's comfortable with her own body and knows how to move.

The obvious physical and social interaction definitely makes dancing enjoyable. All you pervs get a social acceptable forum in which to feel up your partner. Yeah girls, you get to stroke the guy's arm, feel up his abs, and accidentally grab his ass. Gentlemen, well, you can adjust the LOP (level of perv) by the moves you execute. Good incentive eh?

There are other reasons for both men and women to love dancing too. It definitely is a workout if you get into it regularly. Wanna lose those lovehandles? Hey, on top of my regular cardio, it definitely works. I try not to let the girls have all the fun so I try to steal as many flashy moves for guys.

It's really quite entertaining watching hot looking dancers and celebrities shake it. The show seems more like an old style variety show rather than a reality show since they have a lot of live performances and the show is taped live so you do get to see a fairly spontaneous events happen in the interactions of the judges, dancers, and hosts. One of the recent shows had the Pussycat Dolls perform... wow, they're really good as live performers. Their act was very tight, Christina Applegate is a friggin genius.

One of the professional dancers (Cheryl Burke) reminds me a lot of my current teacher in latin. They definitely both have a lot of personal flair and style in their dancing... though I think my teacher's hotter. \(^_^)/


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