Thursday, February 09, 2006

Maid for service

Maid in Japan

I'm actually quite surprised that this hasn't happened earlier in Japan... personally, I think I'd LOVE to open up a restaurant/lounge with a similar concept. Of course I'd change the flavor a little bit to attract the right clientele and ensure the proper atmosphere but I think it would do pretty well in a truly cosmopolitan city like NYC. It might also do well in a very Asian areas like SF.

I'm a guy so I can't say if this is truly empowering for women... but I guess the US analogue is Hooters. Of course, these maid establishments are"tacky" (in Hooter's own words) in a different way. To be honest, I'm sure there are still plenty of geeks at heart out there that would love such places... men and women alike. Another form of escapism and fantasy... eh, why not.


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