Thursday, December 14, 2006

Year end blitz... 7 end.

Well, I haven't really kept up with posting lately. Figure it's nearing the end of the year and I might as well post what's been happening with me.

I've had the chance to drive a few BMWs lately and I still haven't said much about the purchase of my 2006 Subaru WRX. I'll start with just a post about the 7. Then a post for the 2006 Cooper S convertible. Last, a post for a car I'm growing to love, my 2006 Scoobie Rex.

My drive of the 2006 BMW 750Li... The car that I drove had a nice set of the standard amenities but it wasn't totally packed to the gills. It had satnav, comfort seats, Steptronic, Comfort Access, and a few other niceties. I do have to say, for a big yacht of a car, it certainly would be a good choice for "sporty" luxobarge. Not that "barge" and "sport" should ever be considered together in a sentence.

SO first to the amenities... well, lets say IDrive (BMW's single dial computer navigation system) sucks. I know, it's supposed to make things simpler for the driver and I think configuring it takes a load of time. I can see it getting much easier if I was actually living with it, but when the learning curve on most other cars for the same function is light-years less and achieves the same results. Well, I don't think that's excusable. A simple button would have been GREAT to disable or enable DSC (Stability and traction control).

Enough about IDrive sucking, the sat nav worked... umm, yeah. Comfort access allows you not to have to take your key out of your pocket. Nice feature but not sure if it's worth the $$. Also, getting the car out of park and into drive wasn't intuitive like in the Mercedes S Class or even a Maybach. I actually had to crack the manual... and ALL my coworkers had no clue either. They either spend about 20 minutes figuring it out or cracked the manual like I did. Whiskey tango foxtrot?!

Onto my driving experience with the car. As before, I think the car handled exceptionally well for such a large and heavy car. It handled better than so-called sports sedans like the Maxima/Altima but you can definitely feel that weight. Also, the Steptronic (automanual) transmission did work quickly though it does feel quite disconnected at times. Steering and handling was fairly neutral with a definitely numbness to the feel. But I figure a tad bit of disconnectedness is expected from luxo-barge clientele. Otherwise, I think you'd be buying an M5 or a Maserati Quattroporte.

Acceleration in the car was brisk but not gut-wrenching. It has a decent chunk of power and the numbers say it is fairly quick with a nice warm fuzzy euro V8 pull. Nothing really to write home about, but it's definitely ample for passing and shooting quickly out of a corner.

Overall, I have to say... I'd never want to live with one. Sadly, I don't even think I would want to have one as an executive limo. It tries to be a electronic wonder with sport character and luxurious underpinnings. That's three things it's quite decent at, but it excels at none.


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